Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants
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Research Plan updated 6/27/2016


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here.

ASHRAE Las Vegas Meeting January 2011
Seminar 6 Building a Sustainable Future by Removing Barriers for Low GWP Refrigerants
Property data for low GWP refrigerants - M McLinden, NIST
Burning velocity measurement of low flammability 2L refrigerants - K Takizawa, AIST
Regulations and standards for the use of refrigerants with GWP<20 in HVAC&R -
W Goetzler, Navigant Consulting

A primer on HFOs - B Van Horn, Arkema

ASHRAE San Antonio Meeting June 2012
Seminar 11 Standards Development for 2L Flammable Refrigerants
ASHRAE Standard 15: Proposed changes to incorporate 2L refrigerants - P Johnson, McQuay International
ISO 5149, IEC60335-2-40: Proposed changes to incorporate 2L refrigerants - O Kataoka, JRAIA
UL's effort to harmonize product safety requirements for A2L A2 and A3 refrigerants - B Rodgers, UL

ASHRAE New York Meeting January 2014
Seminar 2 Thermodynamic Analysis for Low-GWP Refrigerants
Possibilities and Tradeoffs for Low-GWP Refrigerants - M McLinden, NIST
Thermodynamic Performance Limits for the Vapor Compression Cycle - P Domanski, NIST

Seminar 34 Refrigerants Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Reducing Ammonia charge in Industrial Refrigeration Systems using Direct Expansion -
B Nelson, Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

Thermal Stability Studies to Evaluate Low-GWP Refrigerants - B Hydutsky, DuPont
Safe and Environment-Friendly Refrigerants for Industrial Process Energy Recovery - L Abbas, Arkema

Seminar 62 Working with R-22 Replacement High Glide Blends
Technology Issues Regarding Refrigerant Blends - G Pottker, Honeywell
Practical Differences in Working with Low and High Glide Blends and Implications for Retrofitting -
S Spletzer, Arkema

Retrofit Experience with Alternative Refrigerant R-438A in R-22 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems -
S Kopchick and C Lawson, DuPont

ASHRAE Seattle Meeting June 2014
Seminar 35 Advances in Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants
Refrigerant-Lubricant Properties of New Low GWP Options - G Smith, Honeywell
Zero Ozone Depleting Potential, Low GWP Working Fluids for High Temperature Heat Pump -
K Kontomaris, DuPont

Sustainable Solutions for HVACR - L Abbas, Arkema

ASHRAE Chicago Meeting January 2015
Seminar 48 International Codes and Standards Issues Impacting Use of 2L Refrigerants in Unitary Heat Pumps and Air-conditioning Equipment
Standards Development for 2L Flammable Refrigerants  - B Rodgers, Underwriters Laboratories
Progress in Drafting Wording for Safety Standards to Accommodate the use of 2L Refrigerants - D Uselton
Availability of Refrigerants for Heat Pumps in Europe - R Jakobs

ASHRAE Atlanta Meeting June 2015
Seminar 37 Lower GWP Alternatives for R-404A in commercial and Transport Refrigeration
Challenges in Retrofitting R-404A with Lower GWP Refrigerants

AHRI Alternative Refrigerant Evaluation Program (AREP) link.